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Cloud-Based Video Recording for Gastroenterologists​


Health, B2B




Product Design, UX, UI

Simplifying Lives with Modern Technology

Creating a functional and visually appealing portal for doctors, Virgo's MVP


As the sole designer,

responsibilities include:

- researching

- user flows

- wireframes

- high fidelity mockups

- iterating

- spec sheet for developers


The goal is to help Virgo fill the technological void in the day to day for Gastroenterologists.  These doctors are stuck with out of date technology.  The platform will help doctors and facilities can easily manage their videos.


Initial Target Audience:

Doctors. The goal of the MVP was to create an easy experience for the doctors using the platform.

Later this would expand to office personnel as well, the portal needed to be built with expansion in mind.

Skills + Tools


Research - UI Design -

UX Design - User Expereince


Sketch - Illustrator - 

Invision - Photoshop

Initial Stage

After discussing with my client, it was clear this project was right up my alley.  They mentioned they wanted a seamless experience for the doctors, so creating something simple and elegant was a must.


I gathered the necessary resources, then went straight to the drawing board and began researching competitors and sketching out ideas.  I mapped out the structure and listed all required elements for each page. This helped guide the rest of the process

Diving into Structure

When creating wireframes, the main focus was on the structure of the app. The user should be able to complete the task at hand easily with no question regarding what to click next.

Portal - Login Flow

Log-in Page

Portal - Landing

Portal Home

Portal - Record/Pause/Stop

Recording Page

Portal - Library


Portal - Video Player

Video Player

Portal - FAQ/Contact

Account Settings

Portal - Account Settings

FAQ / Contact Us

After wireframes were approved, I was able to move on to create high-fidelity mockups.  The goal was to keep them very simple and intuitive.

Portal - Login Flow

Log-in Page

Portal - Landing

Portal Home

Portal - Landing


Portal - Login Flow

Recording Page

Portal - Landing

Account Settings

Portal - Landing

FAQ/Contact Us

Video Player

Elegant and Simple Style to Change how Doctors use Video
Onboarding and Sign-In Flows

As their MVP, this process had to be simple and easy with room to add more as the company grows.  The sign in process includes two-factor authentication to help protect any sensitive information on the platform.  Before handing over the final design, I went through and created mockups of the three main views that a user will see.

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